The harmful myth of asian superiority thesis

And for whom are they supposed to be a model? Asian American shopkeepers have been congratulated, as well as criticized, for their ubiquity and entrepreneurial effectiveness.

The harmful myth of asian superiority thesis

He claims that Asian Americans are falsely portrayed as "excessively, even provocatively successful" in the media. He also claims that images such as these causes resentment between minorities, specifically between Asian Americans and African Americans.

Takaki also argues that there are various factors to make Asian Americans seem successful such as more education to earn the same amount as lesser educated Caucasian counterparts, more people in each household earning income, and more Asians living in geographical locations with a higher cost of living.

Takaki argues that the seemingly more successful Asian Americans only appear to be more successful because of location and circumstance. There are many points that I disagree with in this article. However, for purposes of this assignment I will try to briefly discuss a select few.

In the article, he states: African Americans, in society, had climbed the ladder from being considered as property to equal human beings within society. According to the facts, African Americans have "made it".

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Another questionable point would be that Asian Americans is thought of as the "model minority". My response to this assertion would be "By whom? There are various members from each race that are in gangs and populate prisons. However, there are many on the opposite end of the spectrum making six-figure salaries.

Asians are not considered to be the only successful minority. Takaki presents many reasons as to why Asian Americans are not as successful as they seem. For example, he mentions that a fourth of Chinatown lived below the poverty level and Laos refugees had unemployment rates as high as eighty percent.

He presents good supporting details within this analysis of Asian Americans. However, in my opinion, he did not quite prove how Asian Americans were thought of as the successful minority.

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I found it quite shocking that there is resentment between African Americans and Asian Americans. Seeing as I am obviously African American and I was unaware of this, this claim has been disproven altogether. Takaki should have remained parallel to facts and not included his personal inaccurate assertions.add site description.

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As pollution is distributed unequally within individual states, countries, and within cities, hazardous waste sites, municipal landfills, incinerators, and other harmful facilities are . Read two essays in your USCS notes packet (pages ): "The Harmful Myth of Asian Superiority" and "The Perils of Prohibition"--for each one, identify the thesis and then make a list of strong and weak evidence used to support each thesis.

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The harmful myth of asian superiority thesis

This response essay explores some of the key areas of agreement and disagreement between two recent articles on Cold War-era assessments of the Soviet economy.

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