Talk nonsense but talk your own

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Talk nonsense but talk your own

Terminology[ edit ] The first documented use of the word baby-talk, according to the Oxford English Dictionarywas in Motherese and parentese are more precise terms than baby talk, and perhaps more amenable to computer searches, but are not the terms of choice among Talk nonsense but talk your own development professionals[ citation needed ].

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Critics of gender stereotyping also prefer it to the term motherese, because all caregivers, not only female parents, use distinct speech patterns and vocabulary when talking to young children[ citation needed ].

Motherese can also refer to English spoken in a higher, gentler manner, which is otherwise correct English, as opposed to the non-standard, shortened word forms.

The terms are interchangeable. Caregiver language is sometimes used. Characteristics[ edit ] CDS is a clear and simplified strategy for communicating to younger children, used not only by adults but also by older children[ citation needed ].

The vocabulary is limited, speech is slowed with a greater number of pauses, and the sentences are short and grammatically simplified, often repeated.

Three types of modifications occur to adult-directed speech in the production of CDS [15] — linguistic modifications, particularly prosodyincluding the simplification of speech units as well as emphasis on various phonemes.

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Parents use CDS not only to promote language development, but to foster a positive relationship with their infants. The younger the child, the more exaggerated the adult's CDS is. The attention of infants is held more readily by CDS over normal speech, as with adults.

Due to the visual cues, infants are more highly motivated to engage in communication. A key visual aspect of CDS is the movement of the lips.

The horizontal positioning of the lips in CDS does not differ significantly from that used in adult-directed speech.

Talk nonsense but talk your own

Instead, the observed difference lies in vertical lip positioning: By making the opening of the lips larger, infants are more likely to focus on the face of the speaker[ citation needed ].

Research suggests that with the larger opening of the lips during CDS, infants are better able to grasp the message being conveyed due to the heightened visual cues.

These visual cues provide infants additional information needed to perform accurate speech discrimination during language development[ citation needed ].

Visual cues also allow infants to discriminate speech differences in environments in which they cannot rely upon their hearing e.

However, the auditory and visual aspects of CDS do not exist independently. Infants rely equally on both methods of understanding and, as development continues, infants strengthen the link between these two important categories. Through this interaction, infants are able to determine who positive and encouraging caregivers will be in their development.

When infants use CDS as a determinant of acceptable caregivers, their cognitive development seems to thrive because they are being encouraged by adults who are invested in the development of the given infants. CDS has been observed in languages other than English.

In addition, infants begin the process of speech and language acquisition and development through CDS. Children learn fastest who receive the most acknowledgement and encouragement of what they say, who are given time and attention to speak and share, and who are questioned.

Infants are able to apply this to larger words and sentences as they learn to process language. Although infants have a range of social cues available to them regarding who will provide adequate care, CDS serves as an additional indicator as to which caregivers will provide developmental support.

When adults engage in CDS with infants, they are providing positive emotion and attention, signaling to infants that they are valued.1. I’m not going to even try to decipher this first one. Jealousy Just Reassures Your Love.

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HOUSTON — My husband and I could talk for hours about trends, ratings, monthlies, PPMs, diaries, blogs, bits, bumper music, and on and on and on. The Verification Principle is nonsense, therefore this statement is nonsense.‘Talk of God’ is religious language which is defined as any language which describes the beliefs or practises of a religion, e.g.

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Talk nonsense but talk your own

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Baby talk is a type of speech associated with an older person speaking to a child. It is also called caretaker speech, infant-directed speech (IDS), child-directed speech (CDS) or motherese..

Infant-directed speech (IDS) is characterized by a "sing song" pattern of intonation that differentiates it from the more monotone style used with other adults e.g., IDS has higher and wider pitch, slower.

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