My favorite microorganism essay

They are microscopic and are usually known for producing diseases to animals and human beings.

My favorite microorganism essay

My favorite bacteria are completely non-pathogenic, non-toxic, and non-allergenic. No obligate aerobes [need oxygen to survive and can withstand high levels of oxygen] or microaerophiles [need oxygen to survive but in small amounts and will die if exposed to the high oxygen levels tolerable by obligate aerobes and aerotolerant anaerobes].

They can be gram-positive or gram-neutral but not gram negative. I want my house to be mostly clean but filled with my favorite bacteria. The amount of these bacteria should be enough to perceptibly affect the transparency of the air in my house.

Aside from the bacteria, I would like my house to be free of dirt. I want to drink water that is perfectly clean but still contains my favorite bacteria. So many bacteria that the otherwise-clean water looks cloudy. I want to culture my food with my favorite bacteria prior to eating it.

I love these bacteria so much that I never use any soap or detergent on my clothes. I wash my clothes with just water. I try whatever possible to help bacteria thrive in my house.

Alien exist research paper Photoautotrophs are those that use light-energy to manufacture synthesize their food; photosynthetic microalgae, cyanobacteria, and photosynthetic bacteria are the examples.
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On the dry areas I vacuum. When my lips are dry, I use a bacteria-friendly Vaseline. Also, I never take anti-biotics even when the doctor says so. Bacteria are good for us. I use it on the back of my tongue every morning to get rid of bad breath.

The source of bad breath is that junk that develops on the rear of the tongue everynight. Brushing the tongue alone will not eliminate the stench. A strong deodorizing toothpaste like CTCM is a must. Every morning I place a big blob of that CTCM paste on my tongue and brush with that sonicare all the way to the back of my tongue.

No more bad breath. I do this every morning. I use CTCM only to deodorize my tongue. Here is the problem: Lord please help me with this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My Favorite Place on Campus Mr.

My favorite microorganism essay

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Essay on microorganisms ks2 Hand washing vs alcohol hand washing project in nigeria. news about bacteria bacteria up of the environment. Microscopic single-celled organisms thriving around us ease your source for free study of projects and especially changes to bacteria are microorganisms.

Essay # 1. The Hidden World of Microorganisms. The microorganisms are very minute in size and constitute the vast and diverse microbial world which occupies every nook and cranny of the Earth, from the deepest depths of the ocean to the highest mountain peaks, living in the water, soil, and air that surrounds us, on and in the food .

My Favorite Microorganism | Essay Example