Improving attendance in statutory education

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Improving attendance in statutory education

Research indicates that low attendance in early years frequently leads to poor school attendance later on. Primary school attendance in Lewisham continues to improve, the persistent absence rate was 2.

The focus remains on reducing secondary school absence, particularly persistent absence. Our persistent absence rate in secondary schools has reduced from 6. Although we had a reducing trend for exclusions, this has recently become more variable, with recent increases in fixed and permanent exclusions.

What we are doing All Lewisham schools are working hard to improve attendance and engagement in school. The authority will continue to work proactively with schools to support and monitor attendance levels and through working across the range of agencies ensure that vulnerable children and young people with entrenched poor attendance are supported are barriers are removed to improve their overall attendance so they can achieve.

We will ensure that a range of statutory and non-statutory interventions are used to support and challenge entrenched poor attendance.

This will include taking a holistic approach to issues of poor attendance and those associated factors impacting on children and young people.

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The Attendance, Welfare and Inclusion Team has undergone significant changes in the way they provide support to schools. This includes a targeted approach to tackling poor attendance across primary and secondary schools, particularly those with higher levels of persistent absence.Improving Attendance and Reducing Exclusions Encourage other professionals to hold statutory meetings/reviews out of school hours.

Study into how the education system can improve the attendance of looked after children at post primary school. Bangor, County Down: Department of Education, Northern Ireland. If you want to improve school attendance, you should send targeted year levels (e.g. Yr. 9 & 10) on such a program.

Strategy 8: Refine Your Classroom Management If you combine strategies with fair and consistent discipline, you will increase student attendance and student achievement. Unit Improving the Attendance of Children and Young People in Statutory Education Unit code: CYPOP 43 Unit reference number: M// QCF level: 3 Credit value: 5 Guided learning hours: 40 Unit summary This unit is about improving attendance of .

SHEFFIELD’S ATTENDANCE STRATEGY (For Early Years Settings, Schools, Academies and Colleges) have a role to play in improving attendance. Schools’ own management of attendance Schools have a statutory duty under Section of the Education Act ().

Improving attendance in statutory education

Across a range of contexts, reductions in education costs and provision of subsidies can boost school participation, often dramatically. Decisions to attend school seem subject to peer effects and time-inconsistent preferences. The Person Education Plan (PEP) is the statutory tool to ensure that everyone is actively prioritising the education of the Young Person, carefully tracking their progress and supporting them to .

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